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Profit Improvement

Owners of strong businesses focus on the numbers and who better than your Accountant to help you with your numbers.

Smart business owners that make good profits know:

  • Which products/services are profitable and which are not.
  • Gross profit percentage
  • Which employees are producing the best profit as well as sales/fees.
  • Which jobs they made money on, which they lost money on and why.
  • The productivity of their workers.
  • Customer retention and return rates.
  • Which customers are contributing the most in sales and profit.
  • Key Performance Indicators for their specific business (sales - per salesperson, per square metre of retail space, per customer, etc.).
  • What to charge for their products and services in order to be profitable as well as competitive.
  • The true cost of their products and services.
  • Forecast trends that may affect their industry
  • The contribution to profit of each division of the business. Are some divisions working harder and more profitably to only compensate for divisions that are not?
  • After everything has been paid what they are left with.
  • Their ‘break-even’ point.
  • Their stock level and the amount required to meet short and long term needs.
  • How many days on average stock is sitting on the shelf waiting to be sold.
  • The average number of days jobs are in progress until they are finished or invoiced.
  • What they owe and how long on average they are taking to pay it.
  • What their customers owe them and how long they are taking to pay.
  • The amount of tax due (GST/PAYG, etc.) and if they will be able to pay it when due.

TBM Accountants help our customers to know the answers to these questions, all of the time, giving advice and a helping hand whenever our customers need it. Help with the answers is automatically built into our ongoing compliance work for customers and this has helped them improve their profit steadily.

Specialise In

Business Types we particularly specialise in are:

  • Property Development & Investment
  • Consulting & Professional Services
  • Engineering
  • Franchises
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Medical & Dental
  • Legal
  • Retail

However, we are happy to help any type of business achieve success and profit


For all of the above
we offer workable solutions explained and worked through with you hands-on in a language that you understand. We listen to what you want and tailor our advice and solutions to your circumstances.

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